About Us

“I will say to those called ‘Not my people,’ ‘You are my people,’ and they will say, ‘You are my God’.” Hosea 2:23

HIM Haiti’s Doctrinal Statement

Mission Statement

Empowering Haitians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru Education, Life Skills Training and Economic Growth.

Vision / Long-term Goals

By the year 2030 we believe HIM Haiti will have influenced the following movements…

  • Haitian Sustained Ministry: we believe we will see a ministry in Haiti that no longer relies on the financial help of other countries; where Haitians are reproducing leaders among themselves; where Haitian homes and businesses can excel not just in importing but in exporting goods and services
  • Economic Development: we believe we will see a University that focuses on partnerships to build a reliable job base in Haiti; imagine opportunity centers throughout Haiti where people can learn job skills that will provide for them and their families; where people can learn the valuable second language of English; where entrepreneurs can find micro-loans; where current entrepreneurs can find support and encouragement; where business owners can find “think tanks”; and where job creation is a top priority
  • Transformed Homes: we believe we will see a country where marriage and family were championed; where 80% of marriages remained intact; where fathers play active roles in the parenting of children; where mothers find value in their roles within the family structure; and where the next generation can find security in a stable home environment
  • Leadership Expansion: we believe we will be able to provide an education to over 4,000 people; where leaders are educated and called to a higher standard of living; where generations of students come back to invest in the next generation of leaders; where future politicians have been reared in the foundations of healthy faith and family; and where business leaders have been influenced on making a “better tomorrow” for all


Hosean Ministries


    • Caleb Lucien began Hosean International Ministries with it’s first project: building of Jerusalem Baptist Church which was founded by Caleb’s father, Pastor Sidoine Lucien in 1977.

    • Layton Stamper Children’s Home completed and ready to provide shelter, food, clothing, education and love for children in need.

    • Lapila Christian School completed - Primary education for over 300 students in a neighboring community which had no access to education.

    • Camp de la Grace completed - The first retreat center in Pignon Haiti ready to host children and adult camps teaching biblically based curriculum.

    • College de la Grace completed - First secondary school in Pignon, opening with grades 7th - 9th.  Today, it has over 1,000 students attending with grades K - 13.

    • First graduating class of College de la Grace - Grade 13 graduates take national exams for first time

    • College de la Grace receives official licensing from Haitian national government

    • HIM Haiti starts first electrical co-op in Haiti - It began with the donation of a large diesel generator powering all of Pignon.  Today over 300 homes receive 3 - 4 hours of electricity each night.

    • Disaster relief supplies distributed to Gonaives after hit by hurricane.

    • Earthquake hits Port au Prince - 100% of resources used to help those affected by the earthquake.  Refugee camp set up at Camp de la Grace for 8 months housing over 400 people

    • Disaster Relief Warehouse construction begins - Once completed this warehouse will store supplies such as first aid, food, clothing, building supplies, etc.  HIM Haiti will be ready to distribute to anywhere in Haiti when the next natural disaster hits.