Meet the Lucien Family


Meet The Lucien Family

Caleb Lucien:  Born and raised in Haiti, the son of a Haitian pastor, Caleb never wanted to be in ministry.  However, God had other plans and by following His steady direction, Caleb finished high school in Haiti and began Bible College in Port au Prince.  He transferred to Washington Bible College and finished his B.A., and then completed not one but two master’s degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary.   On the advice of numerous friends and professors, he founded Hosean International Ministries while a student to fulfill his vision of developing and offering opportunities in his hometown of Pignon, Haiti.  It’s been an exciting ride watching God work and it’s not over yet!  Follow today on twitter at:  @Ticabayiti

Debbie Lucien Born and raised overseas, this daughter of a military pilot thought she knew the world, but when she visited Haiti at the age of 25, she realized that God was a lot bigger than she thought as she observed Him working.  After being courted/recruited by Caleb, she moved to Haiti in 1993 and never really escaped the adventure!  Follow her on twitter at: @ MadameCaleb

Charissa Lucien:  19 year old FSU sophomore  reveals all about adjusting to life post -Haiti at: @Clucien94

Lydia Lucien:  17 year old high school senior reveals her perspective on life in Haiti and elsewhere at:  @LydiaLu7.