Miss Teen Haiti Int’l

Lydia Lucien – Miss Teen Haiti International 2013

A Young Woman with a Big Dream

To take action today and help Lydia’s dream of sending 100 Haitian Kids to school next year, please donate today.  Just mark your donation as “Lydia’s Kids” and that money will go towards the $30,000 goal needed for tuition.

Recently Lydia Lucien, Caleb’s youngest daughter, was crowned Miss Teen Haiti International.  It’s been an exciting time for the whole family and especially for her as she is seeing many more doors open up for her to make a difference there in her country.  She had a blast representing Haiti at  the Miss Teen International Pageant in Chicago Illinois in July 2013.  She is seeking to gain support to help meet some of the vast education needs still in Haiti. It’s something very dear to her heart and below are thoughts she shares with you as she seeks to embark on this adventure with your help.

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“Growing up in Haiti, I’ve seen people of all ages struggle because of the lack of educational opportunities. People have been taken advantage of and misled many different times. My Grandfather, one of my large inspirations in the area of education has always stressed the importance and value of education. I’ve heard and seen the various ways education can change lives and I hope to share these with the world and create many more life changing opportunities. I have seen all this firsthand, and it has sparked a desire in me to do my best to change education in Haiti for the better. I do not think that simply building a school spontaneously would be the best use of my time and resources. I believe it would be more practical financially to partner with organizations that are already on the ground; organizations that are working towards the same goals as myself. My greatest fear is duplicating efforts and in the process wasting what could have been a blessing to someone else. My goal for this year will be raising thirty thousand dollars which should send one hundred children to school in various locations in Haiti. Education, I’ve realized is one of the main tools we have to turn our dreams into a reality. As Miss Teen Haiti International I hope to allow young children to receive the education that they deserve.  Our children are our future and if they’re strengthened we would all be building a better and brighter tomorrow for our country. I think that if we want to see Haiti be improved there’s no better place to start. I’ve dreamed big; help me dream bigger by believing in my dream!“

Lydia Claire Lucien
Miss Teen Haiti International 2013

To take action today and help Lydia’s dream of sending 100 Haitian Kids to school next year, please donate today.    UPDATE (09/2014)  Lydia has raised funding for 25 students to attend school!  She continues to work towards letting people know of the great needs for the school in Les Cayes she is assisting.  The funds raised to date have been delivered and the recipient children are pictured above!    If you’d like to help, just click on the button above!