April 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

These are exciting and sacrificial times here in Haiti as we seek to advance all the various outreaches.  We are so grateful for our donors and prayer base.  Here are few current needs and prayer concerns you can help with and share:

Praise: God has blessed our ministry with many wonderful long term missionaries.  Carmen Lobao, Nycole Bradley, Kaya Van Zee, Bernie Dick, and coming soon – The Shaw Family!  We are so thankful for all God has provided through these amazing individuals.  Please keep each and everyone of them in your prayers.

Praise: In early 2015, a generous supporter donated a Chevy Taho to the ministry.  This is a huge blessing as we are always struggling with car issues here in Haiti.  The Shaw Family is also praising God for a generous donation of a Ford Truck that they will be using while in Haiti later this summer.  Cars are a constant struggle for our ministry.  Please keep praying for God to provide more working vehicles so we can continue to minister to Pignon, and the surrounding communities.

Praise: Thankful for all the short-term mission teams that have joined us so far in 2015, and the many more coming.  Please keep all our visitors in your prayers as it is difficult coming to a new country.  Pray for God to work wonders through all these generous volunteers.

Prayer:  Lifting up our monthly financial needs to the God who Provides!  We need just over $40,000 each month to continue our outreach ministries, including our school, College de la Grace.  We struggle each and every month to meet this need, and are behind many months.  Please pray for God to raise up an army of donors who would help us with this challenge.

Prayer: Please keep our students and teachers in your prayers.  Pray for God to continue to work in their lives as they grow and learn.  Pray for patience and wisdom for the staff of College de la Grace as they lead the many future leaders of Haiti.

Prayer: Prayer for our missionary, Carmen as she continues to work at growing and beautifying Camp de la Grace.  God has done amazing things through Carmen already, but there is much more work to be done.

Prayer:  Please keep us (Caleb and Debbie Lucien) and our family in your prayers.  Pray for God to continue to give us strength and wisdom as we keep stepping out in faith to complete the work God has called us to do.  Pray for strengthened marriage and family relationships as we continue to be in different states and countries.

Thank you so much for standing with us and praying.  Stepping out in faith can be terrifying, yet exhilarating.  We’ve experienced some of each in recent years and continue to wait for the Lord to prove Himself faithful each day.  Blessings!

-Debbie and Caleb Lucien