Help a Mother in Haiti this Mother’s Day

Will You Help Answer the Prayer of a Mother in Haiti?

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Mother’s Day is just days away, and here in America, this is a treasured holiday.  It’s a day to thank moms everywhere for their devotion, sacrifice, and relentless love for children.  As you think through how to celebrate your mom this year, we want suggest a gift that not only honors your mom, but also helps another mother who is praying each day for God to help provide an education for her child.

Education in Haiti can cost up to 40% of a family’s annual income.  Often families are forced to choose between providing daily nutrition or an education for their children.

For as little as $35 per month, you can help a student go to school right in their community (College de la Grace).  This money will pay for the student’s tuition, their school uniform, and help provide food and school supplies for those in most need at the school.  More importantly, this monthly donation will be the answer to a mother’s prayer today.

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How can I Help a Mother in Haiti?

1.  Sponsor a Student Today –  Fill out the form informing our staff that you would like to get started with a school sponsorship.  We will get back to you with a student in need as well as next steps to get started.

2.  Support College de la Grace – Any amount of money donated to our school in Pignon, Haiti is a huge help and a blessing to the mom’s of our students.  The operating cost of our school is just over $16,000 per month and the reality is that we struggle to meet this need.  Make a donation and write “Mother’s Day Gift” in the comments section.

3.  Spread the Word – Already sponsor a student with Hosean?  Not able to help financially but want to help in other ways?  We need you to please let others know about this need!  Mothers all over Pignon are praying for their children to receive the best education possible and the more we can spread the word, the more we can help.

4.  Pray – The prayers of our supporters are priceless and we are so grateful for you.  Please continue to pray for God to move in Haiti and to help bless all the mothers this month through His love, peace, and provision.