Dear Friends;

Greetings from Haiti! It’s hard to believe another year has gone by. We continue to oversee, labor and develop the ministry in Haiti in spite of chaos around the world touching all of our lives. So many seem to be struggling but we take hope in knowing we are a part of a kingdom that can be shaken (Heb. 12:28) and we rejoice in this time of year that remembers His nativity. Merry Christmas!

Each year we have the privilege of hosting many volunteers who come for a variety of projects. One of our tireless workers, Nycole Bradley, agreed to continue to help us stateside after her year of work in Haiti; so she’s taken over the position of Administrative Assistant for Hosean International Ministries. We are so grateful to have her there as she brings much personal experience of life in Haiti to share with our donors! We say good-bye for now to Sarah Leonhardi who has worked with us behind the scenes for several years with invaluable support and help developing HIM’s stateside office.

In many areas we are awaiting the Lord’s provision for different expansions and are encouraged by various people expressing the desire to get involved. We are dreaming of the following:

  • Expanding the poultry farms to higher production by adding needed coops.
  • Opening a restaurant/gas station complex to provide long term income forministry outreaches.
  • Continuing ministry opportunities at Camp de la Grace, our retreat Center
  • Completing our Disaster Relief Storehouse to better handle donatedsupplies.
  • Having more volunteer staff; in the coming year, we need: a camp director,Teacher trainers (short term), groups to help with kids and teen camps, etc.
  • Please be praying and consider giving your resources or your time to any of these projects.

P.O. Box 17668 Little Rock, Arkansas 72222 (501) 352-7700

One thing we are anticipating celebrating this year is the graduation in June of the first class of students who have been with us during their entire academic career. These young people started as three year old preschoolers with us sixteen years ago when we began that outreach and it’s been exciting to watch their development as well as all the kids coming up behind them.

K5 thanks philo class thanks

While we see so much chaos in the world around us, we can still take responsibility to be positive forces for good in the spheres we can influence. That is what we are choosing to do. Battles will continue to rage for political power, socio-economic positioning, and the like. But we choose to work for a future that offers empowerment and hope, most importantly giving those around us the opportunity to hear and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for our mission, our volunteers and all of us here in Haiti!


Caleb E. Lucien