Testimonies_Carr Family

The Carr Family – Supporters of Hosean

“After hearing about HIM for several years, I had the opportunity to visit Haiti in July 2014.  It was inspiring to see how HIM meets not only the immediate needs, from physical to spiritual, but also focuses on long term sustainability of the Haitian community.  Leading people to grow in Christ and help each other is probably the greatest gift HIM gives the Haitian community.” -Renae Carr, HIM Donor and Photographer

The Carr family became interested in learning more about Hosean through one of their good friends, Brenda Morterud.  Brenda has been a supporter of Hosean for years, and good friends with the Lucien’s.  Renee and one of her sons, John took a their first trip in July 2014 and fell in love with the Haitian community.  Renee gave of her time and talents through photography for the ministry, and John loved on the children through sports and friendship.

Since then, the Carr family has donated through School Sponsorship, donated their Chevy Tahoe to the ministry at a time when we were struggling with keeping a running vehicle in Haiti, organized several neighbors sponsor another student through our School Sponsorship Program, and they are leading a team to Haiti in July 2015.

Photos taken by Renae Carr and her son, John

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