Testimonies_Rodriguez Pierre

College de la Grace

We form the souls for heaven, citizens for the country, and humans of tomorrow.

My name is Rodriguez Aguilar Pierre, I was born in Pignon on March 3rd, 1986 from a family of educators. Today I am a medical doctor; I graduated from, l’Ecole Latino Americaine de médecine (latino American School of Medicine) in Cuba, and hold a license from the Ministère de la Santé Public et la Population (Minister of Public Health and of Population) in Haiti.

My knowledge is now in service of my community of origin.

I dedicate this title to College de la Grace of Pignon (CDG), a Christian institution of classical formation that I attended from 1998 to 2005 and that made me the man that I am today. At first I thought that people go to school to study Biology, Chemistry, math, etc., but the CDG convinced me differently with their objectives. “Nous formons des âmes pour le ciel, des citoyens pour la patrie, et des homes pour la vie” (We form the souls for heaven, citizens for the country, and humans of tomorrow). This is their motto.

Like a mother carries her baby for 9 months of her pregnancy, CDG carried me for 7 years. Yes, 7 years at a Christian institution that has greatly contributed in molding me to make me the person that I am today; 7 years during which my parents didn’t pay a dime for my tuition. I remember my first bicycle, a precious gift from CDG to encourage me and to promote Excellency. CDG made me, and nourish me with biblical knowledge, the civism to love, to respect and serve. I work as a medical doctor and teacher.  I present programs to the youth of Rotaract Club of Pignon and I am a presenter of a health show on the local radio. If I can serve my community this much, CDG has a lot to do with that.

I am not the only one to testify, many others could say as much. I am referring to my brothers and sisters form the same mussel.

  1. Pastor, Salnave VISTA,
  2. Priest, James FERNAND, Richard Dantil
  3. Engineers, Stevenson Clodorick PIERRE, my older brother, getting his doctorate in electronic engineering in France; Mathan, ONNE, my best friend and classmate who’s getting his masters in Brazil.
  4. Nurses, Shedna AUGUSTIN, Jeannise INTERVOL, Ducline SAINT-FLEUR
  5. Contables, Ditoine ALCENAT, who now works at one the largest institution in the community, ex-president of Rotary Club of Pignon, auberde DONIS, Launy RIVAL, Islin PIERRE.
  6. Administrators, Gerald JOSEPH, current director of the primary section at CDG,
  7. Managers, Audnet DONIS, Samuel INTERVOL
  8. Kindergarten Teachers, Anithe E. Marcelus, director of a section for kids.
  9. Computer scientist, Renel BOPAILLE, chief of IT at CDG, Matinot SAINTILUS,
  10. Medical doctors, Thomas SAINTILUS, Ely JOSEPH, Exer CELIMA, Benjamin Christian EUGENE, kinsly FIDELE,
  11. Agronomists, Wasner PEIRRE, Evens PAUL, Geraldin FUSIEN, Mitérand BINJAMIN, Wiguncy ALTIDOR
  12. Optometrists, Robinson JOSEPH, a friend and a brother; we were housemate for 6 years.
  13. Sociologists, Iderick DANTIL
  14. Politicians, Mr. Wiswic FIDELE, mayor of the city of Pignon.

Forgive me for not listing even more because CDG has formed so many people that this list could end up being a phone book.

These lines wouldn’t have any value, and would make any sense because the family that we represent today wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Pastor Caleb, a father aware, serious and full of sense of responsibility. He counsels, plans, supervises, and executes properly (He was my bible teacher for several weeks when I was in 10th grade to replace a teacher who had to start late at the beginning of a semester).

His work goes way beyond the borders of the city and the province where he belongs. More than everything, I remember in 2008 when the city of Gonaives was devastated by hurricane Hann, he did great sacrifices to help the survivors. I am talking about the fact that he left his wife and his kids at the house for several days with the objectives to go save some lives by bringing them water, food, medicines, and clothes on a chattered helicopter while the Haitian government was not yet able to respond. The earthquake of January 12, 2010; I was not there, but survivors told me all about his good deeds.

College de la Grace has marked the life of more than one by contributing to their formation. And we can say without any doubt that CDG is an institution that reaches its objectives. It is because of a capable, qualified, and competent leader who represents an international Organization that we can never thank enough.

Rodriguez Aguilar PIERRE, M.D.

26 septembre 2014