By the year 2030 we believe HIM Haiti will have influenced the following movements…

  • Haitian Sustained Ministry: we believe we will see a ministry in Haiti that no longer relies on the financial help of other countries; where Haitians are reproducing leaders among themselves; where Haitian homes and businesses can excel not just in importing but in exporting goods and services.
  • Economic Development: we believe we will see a University that focuses on partnerships to build a reliable job base in Haiti; imagine opportunity centers throughout Haiti where people can learn job skills that will provide for them and their families; where people can learn the valuable second language of English; where entrepreneurs can find micro-loans; where current entrepreneurs can find support and encouragement; where business owners can find “think tanks”; and where job creation is a top priority
  • Transformed Homes: we believe we will see a country where marriage and family were championed; where 80% of marriages remained intact; where fathers play active roles in the parenting of children; where mothers find value in their roles within the family structure; and where the next generation can find security in a stable home environment
  • Leadership Expansion: we believe we will be able to provide an education to over 4,000 people; where leaders are educated and called to a higher standard of living; where generations of students come back to invest in the next generation of leaders; where future politicians have been reared in the foundations of healthy faith and family; and where business leaders have been influenced on making a “better tomorrow” for all